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Many people choose the first place they find when searching for rehab recovery programs for treatment of addiction. They may look for the place that is the closest or least expensive, rather than comparing multiple facilities. With so many options available, it is important to find the best recovery programs and therapy options to ensure a successful result.

Understanding Your Options in Recovery Programs

The first choice you must make is whether you will choose a residential program or an outpatient facility. For most people, a residential facility is the best choice. However, outpatient programs may be the only option for someone with responsibilities to work or family.

Recovery programs usually offer several different treatment options. One of the most common is behavioral therapy. In this program, the addict learns how to change his or her behaviors as well as thought patterns to avoid the drugs or alcohol that caused the addiction. This program teaches the person how to deal with stress and other situations without turning to the substance of abuse.

Medication therapy may be part of the treatment plan, especially if there are other underlying conditions. Another type of program is motivational incentives. This type of treatment is often offered in conjunction with other programs. The facility may offer privileges or other rewards for certain activities. For instance, a patient may enjoy a special privilege for attending a certain number of group sessions. This program follows the belief that people will do certain things if they have the right motivation. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene at (325) 603-0959.

Therapy Options

Within each program are many different types of therapy. Often, a treatment plan will consist of several therapies throughout the program. A new one may be added or replace an existing therapy if a lack of progress is noted. The person is evaluated in the beginning of treatment and these therapies are chosen based on individual needs and assessment. Some of them are designed to treat the addiction while others help break through to the underlying cause of the addiction.

Some common types of therapies that are available include the following:

  • Group therapy – probably the best known therapy, it involves meeting with other recovering addicts for support and encouragement
  • Individual counseling – often a person needs to deal with specific issues that they are uncomfortable with in group therapy and one-on-one time with a therapist may be beneficial
  • Music or art therapy – a person may be unable to express emotions in verbal form and feel more willing to use a creative method to show feelings
  • Restorative yoga – this therapy teaches the person how to remain calm in stressful situations to reduce the craving for the substance used in the past in similar scenarios
  • Family therapy – often family situations result from addiction or even cause addiction, and these issues must be dealt with for successful rehab
  • Equine therapy – spending time with an animal allows the person to develop a nonthreatening relationship and learn about trust; the therapist also learns valuable information that can be used in other therapies

Choosing the Right Therapy Program

When selecting a program for addiction, it is important to see what is offered. When multiple programs are available, it increases the chance of success in treatment. Not everyone responds to the same kind of therapy, and having multiple options allows the therapist to find the best method of treatment. It also helps to have therapy options that appeal to the addict’s personal interests, such as with the music and art therapy or the equine therapy.

Receiving help for addiction is about more than just getting sober or clean. It means finding the right program to equip the person for future challenges while dealing with past issues. At Drug Treatment Centers Abilene, we offer the guidance and support you’ll need through every step of the rehabilitation process. Give Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene a call today at (325) 603-0959.

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