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The first step in almost any addiction treatment program is detoxification. While this step can be accomplished at home, in most cases it is recommended that it be completed at a treatment facility. At Drug Treatment Centers Abilene, each patient has a strong professional support team to assist them through the process of medical detox and rehabilitation.

While many people know that detoxing is the process of removing the substance of addiction from the body, they may not know what medical detox is. In fact, many people have never even heard of the term, and they may assume that it is used interchangeably with detoxification.

Medical detox involves constant monitoring and support from an experienced medical team, along with the administration of certain medications to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, or in some cases, speed up or slow down the process. This term encompasses a wide variety of medications and procedures, but all are designed to make detoxification safer, easier or more successful. For more information about this and other treatment protocols offered by Drug Treatment Centers Abilene, call us at (325) 603-0959.

Medications to Ease Symptoms

In many situations, detoxing causes severe withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous, especially to those with other health conditions. Medications may be given to reduce the severity of the symptoms even if it cannot make them go away completely. For instance, a person may be given an antidepressant when detoxing from alcohol. Depression is a side effect of withdrawal and can become severe. Someone known to suffer from severe depression or suicidal thoughts may be given this medication until the detoxing is completed.

These medications are only given for a short time until the body is cleansed from the substance. They are designed to help the person get through the worst of the process without relapsing and giving up.

Medications to Slow Down Detox

In some cases, a person may be given a medication that mimics the effects of the substance being detoxed. It is a lower dosage and less addictive and helps the person detox at a slower rate. One of the reasons for this treatment is to help prevent some of the most serious withdrawal symptoms, especially for those who have been through detox before and not completed the process.

These medications may have a similar effect on the brain as the addictive substance, or they may inhibit the brain’s response to other substances.

Medications to Speed Up Detox

The other end of the spectrum is where professionals use medical detoxing to speed up the process. This is only done in specific instances, such as when prolonged withdrawal could be dangerous to the patient. In some rare cases, the person is placed in an unconscious state and given medications that move the detoxing from a days-long process to just hours. It is also known as rapid detox and is not used in all treatment facilities because of its status as experimental and its higher risk.

The important thing for addicts considering treatment to know is that many treatment programs are available to help them on the road to recovery. At Abilene Drug Treatment Centers, we can provide the appropriate treatment for each patient’s specific needs.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be as frightening as it often seems. With the right medications and a professional, knowledgeable staff to help them through this first phase of treatment, addicts can get past detox and move on to therapy and treatment. If you or a loved one need help managing and treating their substance dependence, call Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene at (325) 603-0959.

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