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Addiction is a serious condition that affects millions of people in the United States. This disease takes on many forms, and for those who are addicted to toxic substances, a comprehensive rehab program provided by drug treatment centers may be the answer to recovery. It is often difficult for a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to make the necessary changes alone; this is why treatment is essential.

Types of Addiction Treated at Drug Treatment Centers

Many drug treatment centers treat a variety of drug addictions. Drugs are usually broken down into two categories. First are the illicit drugs or “street drugs” that include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and many others. Second are legal drugs such as prescription medications and alcohol. At Drug Treatment Centers Abilene, we provide treatment programs for substance abuse and dependence, and we tailor each treatment plan to fit the specific needs of the patient. Call us today at (325) 603-0959 to get started on the road to recovery.

What is Addiction?

An addiction is not the same as abuse. A person may be abusing some type of drug and not become addicted to it. However, drug abuse often leads to dependence if the individual does not get help. With addiction, the body has adjusted to the presence of the drug within the system to the point that it cannot function without it.

The person begins to crave the substance when they go without it for a period of time. It also takes more of the drug for them to achieve the same effects as before. Most addicts will often take more frequent and increased dosages once they have built tolerance and developed a dependency. When the substance is not present in the person’s system, he or she suffers withdrawal symptoms that are unpleasant and may even be severe.

What Dependence Looks Like

A person who suffers from addiction often withdraws from his or her normal life. The focus is on obtaining more of the drug. Addicts will neglect other obligations and relationships that are not directly related to the addiction. You may notice that they have found new friends and stopped spending time with family members.

Addiction is both mental and physical. The addict often turns to the substance when he or she wants to avoid specific situations or problems. Drugs and alcohol affect the brain, causing the individual to act differently than before he or she started abusing. When the substance is not in the system, the person becomes irritable, angry, depressed or suffers other mood swings. In addition, the addict exhibits physical symptoms because the body is craving the drug. They may start shaking, sweating, become nauseous, or experience other intense symptoms.

A person who is using often acts lethargic or she may be hyper-alert. The exact behavior depends on the drug being abused. For instance, heroin users are often tired and listless and spend much of their time sleeping when not using the drug.

The most obvious sign of drug addiction is a person who has changed his or her behavior. If you suspect drug addiction is the problem, you must encourage the person to seek help. Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene provides customized treatment programs to treat many types of addiction. Take the first step toward health and recovery; call an addiction specialist today at (325) 603-0959.

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