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Addiction does not go away after treatment. It is a chronic condition that can plague a person for the rest of his or her life. Relapse is common in addicts, and occurs about half of the time. A good addiction aftercare program is essential to prevent relapse in the recovering addict.

Defining Addiction Aftercare

Once the person has received treatment for the drug or alcohol addiction, he or she must go back to the normal routine or begin a new one. This aspect of recovery can be frightening, especially if it is has been a long time since the person functioned without the substance of addiction.

Addiction aftercare helps the person transition into “normal” life by equipping him or her with the tools needed for success. There are several aspects to addiction aftercare programs designed to help the person with this transition.

These programs may last for a few weeks or months after treatment has ended, or they may continue for the lifetime of the addict. It often depends on each individual and how much ongoing support is needed. If you or someone you love is in need of guidance and support, call the addiction specialists at Drug Treatment Centers Abilene by dialing (325) 603-0959..

What Aftercare Does

At its most basic premise, an aftercare program continues the treatment begun in therapy. Some programs provide a place where addicts can go for meetings to support and encourage each other. Educational classes may be provided to help the addict learn more about the dangers of addiction and how to avoid potential trigger situations.

Some programs offer practical assistance for the recovering addict, such as a place to live as in halfway houses or sober living homes. They may help the people develop skills for jobs or teach them how to pass job interviews so that they can begin new careers. These programs are especially beneficial for the person who has spent years as an alcoholic.

Addicts can find aftercare programs that offer recreation and social activities. These situations often cause panic and fear for the addict because they represent times when the person used the substance. They also offer trigger opportunities for the person to be around the drugs or alcohol when they occur in the real world. By attending fun events in the program, the addict can learn how to enjoy these types of activities without the presence of addictive substances.

Choosing an Aftercare Program

At Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene, we can help you choose the program that best meets your needs. We can set you up with one that offers multiple aspects of aftercare assistance to help you continue recovery.

Recovering from addiction is not easy. Continued struggles and temptations are to be expected, but you will be more successful if you have ongoing support in the form of an aftercare program. These programs provide the assistance you need when you need extra help or when facing a new situation or problem.

Don’t let addiction rule your life for one more day. To get the help you need and deserve, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Abilene at (325) 603-0959..

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